China Good quality CE Approved Tgln-220 Rotavator Rotary Tiller Parts Price on Sale with Good quality

Merchandise Description

TGLN collection rotary tiller with side gear transmission , it can be mounted with the tractor 70-a hundred hp . We cannot see the wheel tracks on the soil soon after it worked. The good quality of the rotary tiller is excellent and the function really properly.It is suited to dry land and paddy subject. It can save time, labour and money and so forth.powerful position.

The Rotary tiller is ideal for cultivating,aerating andstirring up soil for backyard,food plots and other tillage needs.
*Functions on twenty-90HP Tractors.
*Oil bathtub iubrication with all equipment-pushed driveline.
*Self-sharpening heat-taken care of tines.
*Adjustable runners for functioning depths from 1 7 in.
*Appear with weighty-responsibility PTO shaft and slip clutch.

Can function on dry land/paddy area for ploughing, harrow, reducing stubble at first plunging, weeding at cultivation, flatting at deep ploughing, producing plasm at paddy discipline, flatting field area, mixing soil for street constructing
Adopts large gears for continual transmission and extended time use
Special double bearing structure helps make it lighter and expend considerably less electricity

Technical specs:

Model Blade Blade Type Shaft
GQN-125 26 IT225 6*6
GQN-140 32 IT225 6*six
GQN-one hundred fifty 36 IT245 six*8
GQN-one hundred sixty 40 IT245 8*8
GQN-one hundred eighty 52 IT245 eight*8
GQN-220 62 IT265 8*8
GQN-240 sixty four IT265 8*8

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China Good quality CE Approved Tgln-220 Rotavator Rotary Tiller Parts Price on Sale     with Good quality