China Good quality Rotary Tiller for Tractor/Rotary Tiller Blades Suppliers with Free Design Custom

Solution Description

The Rotary tiller is perfect for cultivating,aerating andstirring up soil for yard,foodstuff plots and other tillage demands.
*Functions on twenty-90HP Tractors.
*Oil bath iubrication with all gear-driven driveline.
*Self-sharpening warmth-dealt with tines.
*Adjustable runners for functioning depths from 1 7 in.
*Arrive with weighty-responsibility PTO shaft and slip clutch.

Can perform on dry land/paddy field for ploughing, harrow, chopping stubble at initial plunging, weeding at cultivation, flatting at deep ploughing, generating plasm at paddy area, flatting area surface area, mixing soil for highway building
Adopts huge gears for steady transmission and lengthy time use
Special double bearing composition helps make it lighter and expend significantly less electrical power


Model Blade Blade Kind Shaft
GQN-one hundred twenty five 26 IT225 six*6
GQN-140 32 IT225 six*6
GQN-a hundred and fifty 36 IT245 six*8
GQN-a hundred and sixty 40 IT245 eight*8
GQN-one hundred eighty fifty two IT245 eight*eight
GQN-220 sixty two IT265 eight*eight
GQN-240 64 IT265 8*eight

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China Good quality Rotary Tiller for Tractor/Rotary Tiller Blades Suppliers     with Free Design Custom