China Custom Jk28HS 28mm Nama11 Stepping Motor with Planetary Gearbox with Good quality

Product Description

JK28HS  28mm(NAMA11)Planetary Gearbox Stepping Motor
GenHangZhou Specification:

Housing Material Metal
Bearing at Output Ball Bearings
Max.Radial Load(12mm from flange)  ≤35N
Max.Shaft Axial Load ≤25N
Radial Play of Shaft (near to Flange) ≤0.07mm
 Axial Play of Shaft ≤0.3mm
Backlash at No-load        1.5°

28HS  28HS Hybrid Stepping Motor Specifications

Model No. Step Angle Motor Length Current
Holding Torque # of Leads Rotor Inertia Motor
( °) (L)mm A Ω mH No. Kg
JK28HS32-0674PG5.18 1.8 32 0.67 5.6 3.4 600 4 9 0.11
JK28HS45-0674PG51 1.8 45 0.67 6.8 4.9 950 4 12 0.14
JK28HS51-0674PG71 1.8 51 0.67 9.2 7.2 1200 4 18 0.2

28HS  28HS Planetary Gearbox Specifications

Reduction ratio 3.71 5.18 13.76 19.2 26.8 51 71 99.5
Number of gear trains 1 2 3
Length(L2)   mm 30 37 45
Max.rated torque 5 7 9
Short time permissible torque 15 21 27
Weight   kg 200 250 300

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Our Company offers 3 major series of products:Hybrid Stepper motors, Brushless Dc motor and Dc Brush motor.
We are always continues develop new type models.If you need other kinds of parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Application: Printing Equipment
Speed: Variable Speed
Number of Stator: Two-Phase
Excitation Mode: HB-Hybrid
Function: Control, Driving
Number of Poles: 4
US$ 28/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Can I Use Synthetic Oil in My Gearbox?

Yes, you can use synthetic oil in your gearbox, and in many cases, it can offer several advantages over conventional mineral-based oils:

  • Improved Temperature Stability: Synthetic oils typically have a higher resistance to thermal breakdown, making them suitable for gearboxes that operate at high temperatures.
  • Enhanced Lubrication: Synthetic oils often have superior lubrication properties, providing better protection against friction, wear, and component damage.
  • Extended Oil Change Intervals: Synthetic oils can often withstand longer operating periods without losing their effectiveness, reducing the frequency of oil changes and maintenance.
  • Reduced Viscosity Changes: Synthetic oils are less prone to viscosity changes at different temperatures, ensuring consistent lubrication performance in varying conditions.
  • Lower Friction and Energy Loss: The smoother molecular structure of synthetic oils can lead to reduced internal friction, potentially improving gearbox efficiency and performance.
  • Cold Weather Performance: Synthetic oils generally flow better at low temperatures, making them suitable for gearboxes operating in cold climates.
  • Protection Against Oxidation: Synthetic oils often have better resistance to oxidation, helping to prevent the formation of sludge and deposits that can impact gearbox performance.

However, before switching to synthetic oil, it’s important to consider the manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications for your specific gearbox model. Some gearboxes may have specific requirements or restrictions on the type of lubricant to use. If the manufacturer approves the use of synthetic oil, it can be a beneficial choice, but if not, sticking to the recommended oil type is crucial to ensure proper gearbox function and warranty coverage.

China Custom Jk28HS 28mm Nama11 Stepping Motor with Planetary Gearbox   with Good quality China Custom Jk28HS 28mm Nama11 Stepping Motor with Planetary Gearbox   with Good quality
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