China OEM DC Electric Motor Dcr6034 Door Closer/Automatic Door Motor with Gear Box cycloidal gearbox

Product Description


Power,Speed,Torque,Shaft ,Stator Lamination,Rotation And Installing Location 
can be customized according to customers requirements.

Product Description:

Product Name: DC Geared Motor
Model No. DCR60-34
Brand: HangZhouA
Application: for Standing desk/adjustable desk/Juicer/Door opener
Starting Mode Direct on-line Starting
Rated Voltage: DC 24V
Rated Power: 40W
No-load Power: 36W±10%
Rated Speed: 80rpm±10%
No-load Speed: 102rpm±10%
Gear Ratio: 39:1
Rated Torque: 2.0N.m
No-load Current: 1.7A±10%
No-load Spark: Class≤2
Withstand Voltage: 1750V/1sec/5mA
Output Bearing: Ball Bearing
Out-axis Diam: ø6.8
Customized: yes
Packing: foam&carton,or accroding to customers’ specific requirements
MOQ: 500 pcs
Delivery Time: Depends on quantity from 2 weeks to 4 weeks.
Payment Term: T/T, L/C, D/P


  1. The performances as above are just for reference only. We can adjust our motor specifications according to customer’s requirements.
  2. OEM & ODM are both available. Please feel free to contact us with your detailed requirements .
  3. If ask for quotation, please tell voltage, draft, input power, air flow at least, so we could quote quickly.

Detail View:

Assembly Drawning:

Brief Introduction

HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. HangZhoua Electric Machinery Factory was established in 1997, it is located in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. District of HangZhou, ZHangZhoug Province.We have about 50,000 square CZPT of the building and nearly 300 employees. In addition, the transportation around the factory is very convenient, it is close to the TongSan Highway, and is just 8 kilometers away from the HangZhou Airport.

Through years of accumulation and development, our factory is now a professional manufacturer of single-phase series motor and gear reducer motor.The application of our product covers many fields,it is mainly used in home kitchen appliances or electric tools, such as juicer, ice crusher, meat grinder, coffee bean grinder , lawn mower and so on.

Our factory has advanced universal motor production line, strong technical force, perfect testing means, products can be produced according to international and domestic standards, but also according to customer requirements or provided samples, drawings and other special design.Our work sticks to the principle of striving for existence by fine quality. Our products sell far all over the world.Our factory will, and as always, wholeheartedly serves broad old and new customers both at home and abroad. We are looking CZPT to establishing business relationships with customers all over the world.

Q1: Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?
A1: HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. HangZhoua Motor Manufactory was established in 1997, we are a professional
       manufacturer of single-phase series motor and gear motor.
Q2: How about sample and charge?
A2: Our sample policy stipulates that customers must pay for sample and express fee,but we could  
        return  the sample and express fee based on certain order quantity. You can specify the express               company you want that like DHL, or you can call your courier to pick up from our factory.
Q3: What is your payment terms?
A3: 1. We accept T/T, D/P, L/C at sight.
      2. 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.(Amount more than 3000USD)
Q4: How can we get detailed price?
A4: Please offer us detailed information of the product,specific packaging requirements and purchasing  
Q5: Is it possible to visit your factory
A5: Sure. But please kindly keep us posted a few days in advance. We need to check our schedule to see if            we are available then.
Q6: How to guarantee punctual shipment for my order?
A6: We give priority to export orders and keep updating progress from production to delivery.
Q7: What about the after-sales service? 
A7: Through emails, pictures or guest samples to confirm the real cause of the problem. If there is really
         a product problem, we will redo with no charge.
Q8: What is your delivery date?
A8: The delivery date is about 20-30 days after receiving your deposit,it depends on the quantity you

Application: Universal, Industrial, Household Appliances, Car, Power Tools
Operating Speed: Low Speed
Excitation Mode: Excited
Function: Driving
Casing Protection: Protection Type
Number of Poles: 2
US$ 10.00/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Gearbox Breather: Importance and Function

A gearbox breather, also known as a vent or breather plug, is a vital component in gearboxes that serves the critical function of maintaining internal pressure equilibrium and preventing the entry of contaminants.


The gearbox breather is important for several reasons:

  1. Pressure Equilibrium: During operation, heat generated inside the gearbox causes the air to expand. Without a breather, pressure could build up inside the gearbox, leading to leaks, seal damage, and potential gearbox failure. The breather allows excess air and pressure to escape.
  2. Contamination Prevention: Gearboxes are subjected to various environmental conditions, including temperature changes and humidity. These conditions can lead to the creation of a vacuum inside the gearbox as it cools down. If the gearbox is not properly vented, external air carrying moisture and contaminants can be drawn in when the gearbox cools. A breather provides a controlled entry point for clean, filtered air to enter and equalize the pressure, preventing the intake of harmful contaminants.
  3. Extend Lubrication Life: Maintaining a proper pressure balance through the breather helps to prevent oil leaks and seals from failing, preserving the integrity of the lubrication system. Clean air entering the gearbox through the breather also helps extend the life of the lubricant by reducing its exposure to external contaminants.


The gearbox breather typically consists of a one-way valve and a filtering element. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pressure Release: When the internal pressure inside the gearbox rises due to heat, the one-way valve in the breather opens, allowing excess air to escape and preventing pressure buildup.
  2. Contaminant Prevention: As the gearbox cools down, a vacuum can form inside. The one-way valve closes to prevent the entry of external air and contaminants. Instead, air is drawn in through the filter element, which removes particles and moisture before allowing the air to enter the gearbox.

In conclusion, a gearbox breather is a crucial component that helps maintain pressure equilibrium, prevent contamination, and extend the life of the lubrication system. It plays a vital role in ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of gearboxes, especially in various industrial and automotive applications.

China OEM DC Electric Motor Dcr6034 Door Closer/Automatic Door Motor with Gear Box   cycloidal gearbox	China OEM DC Electric Motor Dcr6034 Door Closer/Automatic Door Motor with Gear Box   cycloidal gearbox
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