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Product Description

Product Description

Friction materials paper


    Wet friction materials paper is a specific type of paper-based friction material that is designed for use in wet environments. Wet friction materials paper is commonly used in wet clutch and brake systems, such as those found in automatic transmissions, power take-off units, and industrial machinery.


    The key feature of wet friction materials paper is its ability to maintain stable friction and wear performance in the presence of oil or other lubricants. This is achieved through a specialized manufacturing process that involves impregnating the paper with a high-performance resin system that is designed to resist degradation in the presence of oil or other fluids.


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Product Parameters


Friction Paper in Series

Paper Series Energy absorption Typical applications
DLZ001-1 Middle Speed control clutch, belt conveyor
DLZ001 Middle Speed control clutch, belt conveyor
DC0012 Mid-high Steering clutch, differential locking clutch
DC0015 Low Automotive emergency braking, shift clutch
DC0017 High Medium and small horsepower tractor wheel brakes, steering brakes
DC571 Low Motorcycle clutch
DC0571 Mid-high Steering clutch, differential locking clutch
DC0571 Middle Speed control clutch, belt conveyor
DC0031 Mid-high Steering clutch, differential locking clutch
DC0034 High Medium and small horsepower tractor wheel brakes, steering brakes
DS001 Mid-high Automobile dual-clutch transmission friction disc
DS002 High Automobile torque converter clutch friction disc

Specifications of wet paper-based friction materials

Friction material Paper Ring Dimensions

Ring No. Outer diameter mm Inside diameter mm Thickness range mm
HQR5711 125.00 81.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5712 141.00 102.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5713 150.00 90.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5714 165.00 110.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5715 163.30 116.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5716 180.00 80.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5717 180.00 120.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5718 182.00 143.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5719 182.50 129.50 0.6-2.5
HQR5711 212.00 172.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5712 242.30 197.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5713 254.50 210.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5714 267.50 220.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5715 275.00 175.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5716 276.00 226.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5717 286.00 230.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5718 298.00 200.00 0.6-2.5
HQR5719 298.00 225.00 0.6-2.5
HQR0301 300.00 195.00 0.6-2.5
HQR0302 310.00 227.00 0.6-2.5
HQR0303 325.00 200.00 0.6-2.5
HQR0304 344.00 230.00 0.6-2.5
HQR0305 345.00 264.00 0.6-2.5
HQR0306 359.00 260.00 0.6-2.5
HQR0307 365.00 268.00 0.6-2.5
HQR0401 400.00 317.00 0.6-2.5
HQR0402 428.00 277.00 0.6-2.5
HQR0403 445.00 314.00 0.6-2.5
HQR0404 495.00 335.00 0.6-2.5


Process Flowchart supporting documents
Design (Non-Standard)
(performance requirement, application range, sample, drawing etc.)
Drawing; general industrial documents or PPAP dokuments
Prototype, first sample, Serie products
Paper friction layer Material Test Report,  Automatic production line of friction paper layer
Dies manufacturing
(Paper Ring)
Drawing; Prototype, first sample, Serie products
Paper ring cutting Drawing, Process control sheet
Dipping in glue  Used glue according to customer’s requirement 
friction disc Drawing, Process control sheet (SOP, control plan)
Inspection and Packaging Inspection report (Inspection plan) ; Packaging Fotos
Shipment Invoice & Packing list, other necessary files


Company Profile

      Our company has a technical research and development team composed of engineers doctors and masters with a CHINAMFG theoretical foundation and rich experience, engaged in paper-based friction material research and development and technical services, having a wet friction material test bench and other testing instruments, automatic production lines of paper layer and spacious production sites that meet various specification of the industry (all have passed various verifications). We specialize in the production of paper-based friction materials sheet products with various requirements, in order to avoid the troubles caused by the continuous improvement of safety and environmental protection standards of downstream enterprises and to provide the downstream enterprises with guarantee for the long-term stable development. At the same time, the professional advantages of the company’s team can meet the special requirements of downstream companies that continuously improve their quality and performance.


Q1. How can we guarantee quality?
A:  Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

Q2: What can you buy from us?
A:  Wet Friction Paper, Wet Friction Discse, Electric Water Pump,Wheel Hub Unit, Automatic Feeder&Vibration Bowl Driver Unit, Washing Machine Tripod Shaft, Hydraulic Fittings .

Q3. What is the certificate of your factory?
A: We have passed ISO 9001 and IATF-16949 certification.

 04.Do you provide the test reports?
A:Certainly.Also we can offer shipping documents if possible.
Q5: What is our sample policy?
 A: We want to provide you with samples for approval while the customer needs to bear the courier fee first. 
Q6: How about the payment terms?
We usually accept T/T, L/C, Paypal.

Q7: How about the Transportation?
By Fedex, DHL, UPS, EMS, Air freight, Sea freight.

After-sales Service: Yes
Warranty: Yes
Type: Universal Type
Transmission: Hydraulic Transmission
Walking Mode: Wheeled
Load and Unload Method: Rear Dump
US$ 30/kg
1 kg(Min.Order)

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What is a Gearbox and How Does It Work?

A gearbox is a mechanical device that transmits power and changes the speed or torque of a rotating input shaft to a different output shaft. It is commonly used in various machines and equipment to control the speed and direction of motion.

Here’s how a gearbox works:

  1. Input Shaft: The gearbox receives rotational energy from an input shaft connected to a power source, such as an electric motor or an engine.
  2. Gears: Inside the gearbox are a set of gears with different sizes. These gears mesh with each other, and their arrangement determines the gear ratio, which defines how many revolutions the output shaft will make for a given rotation of the input shaft.
  3. Output Shaft: The output shaft is connected to the machinery or equipment that needs to be powered. As the gears rotate, the motion and power are transmitted from the input shaft to the output shaft.
  4. Gear Ratio: By selecting different gear combinations, the gearbox can change the speed and torque of the output shaft. A higher gear ratio results in higher torque and lower speed, while a lower gear ratio provides higher speed and lower torque.

Gearboxes play a crucial role in various applications, including automobiles, industrial machinery, robotics, and more, enabling efficient power transmission and speed control.

China supplier Supply for Garage 4s Shop Raw Friction Paper Transmission Gearbox Clutch Disc Friction Plate   cycloidal gearbox	China supplier Supply for Garage 4s Shop Raw Friction Paper Transmission Gearbox Clutch Disc Friction Plate   cycloidal gearbox
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