China best Brand New Advance Ma142 3: 1 Advance Marine Gearbox gearbox design

Product Description

Advance Marine Gearbox 120C hydraulic marine gearbox hydraulic marine gearbox

Marine gearbox 135A performs the duties of CHINAMFG and reverse,engaging and disengaging,reduction,and take the propeller thrust.


Our marine garboxes are listed in City’s Key Project of Technical Reform, have passed ISO9001: 2000 and the brand “Advance” is 1 of the authorized famous brands in HangZhou. Marine gearboxes have passed the quality authentication by ZHangZhoug Shipping Inspection Center of PRC.


Our pleasure is to supply our product to all over the world on the basis of mutual beneficial. We believe our experience and careful service will make cooperation more easily.


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Product Description

HangZhou ADVANCE HCT1100 Gearbox


HangZhou ADVANCE produces the best gearbox in China.

1100 series marine gearboxes have the functions of reversing, clutching, decelerating and bearing propeller thrust. 

The series gearboxes have the features of compact structure, large speed ratio range, large load capacity, large thrust bearing, easy disassembly and maintenance, etc.

Product Parameters

Input Speed  700~1800r/min
Reduction Ratio (i) 4.94,5.60,5.98,6.39 Transmission Capacity (kW/r/min) 0.846
6.85 0.835
7.35 0.772
7.9 0.736
Maneuver Type  Push-pull flexible Shaft , Electric control , Pneumatic control 
Center Distance  500mm
Rated Thrust  150KN
L×W×H  1150*1350*1547mm
Net Weight   3000kg
Coupling Flywheel  Matched by flywheel
Coupling Housing  No housing

Product Configuration


Oil Pressure Gauge and Alarm Device

Oil Temperature Gauge and Alarm Device

SAE Flywheel Housing Options

Hydraulic Pressure Low Alarm

Solenoid Controlled Switch




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Orders are usually packed and ready to ship in 1 to 3 business days if the products are in stock. However shipments are subiect to required manufacturing time and customs clearance procedures. which can cause delays beyond original delivery estimates. For detailed delivery information, please contact customer service.
2.Packing Methods
Normally we use wooden boxes for packaging or we can pack it according to your special needs.
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We are happy to offer a variety of shipping methods. Shipping methods available: EXW. FOB.CER. CIF.
4. International Returns & Exchanges
Unfortunately we can’t accept retums on intemational orders. We will test each product before dellverv One-year manufacturer warranty is quaranteed on our complete machines and 3 months on spare parts. I1 you have any concerns with your order, please reach out to customer service
5.Payment Methods
We sugqest 50/50 T/T payment method: 50 percent down payment on placement of the order, with the remaining 50% due CHINAMFG shipment. We also accept L/C, Trade Assurance, Visa transfer and Paypal


Application: Machinery, Marine
Function: Distribution Power, Clutch, Change Drive Torque, Change Drive Direction, Speed Changing, Speed Reduction, Speed Increase
Certificate: CCS
Transport Package: Wooden Box
Specification: 1150*1350*1547mm, 3000kg
Trademark: Hangzhou Advance


How to Choose the Right Gearbox for Your Machinery

Selecting the appropriate gearbox for your machinery involves careful consideration of several key factors. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make the right choice:

  1. Identify Application Requirements: Understand the specific requirements of your machinery, including torque, speed, load, direction of rotation, and duty cycle.
  2. Choose Gear Type: Determine the type of gears that best suit your needs, such as spur, helical, bevel, planetary, or others, based on factors like efficiency, noise level, and space constraints.
  3. Calculate Gear Ratio: Calculate the required gear ratio to achieve the desired output speed and torque. Consider factors like input and output shaft speeds.
  4. Select Gear Material: Choose appropriate gear materials based on factors like durability, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Common materials include steel, cast iron, and various alloys.
  5. Consider Efficiency: Evaluate the gearbox’s efficiency and select one that meets your energy efficiency requirements.
  6. Account for Load Conditions: Analyze the load conditions, such as constant or intermittent loads, shock loads, and starting and stopping frequencies.
  7. Check Lubrication Requirements: Consider the lubrication needs of the gearbox and ensure proper lubrication for smooth operation and longevity.
  8. Factor in Space Constraints: Consider the available space for installing the gearbox and choose a size that fits within your machinery.
  9. Assess Environmental Conditions: Evaluate the operating environment, including temperature, humidity, and exposure to dust or corrosive substances.
  10. Review Mounting Options: Determine the mounting options that work best for your machinery, such as foot-mounted, flange-mounted, or shaft-mounted gearboxes.
  11. Consult with Experts: Seek advice from gearbox manufacturers or engineers to ensure you make an informed decision.

Choosing the right gearbox is crucial for achieving optimal machinery performance, longevity, and reliability.

China best Brand New Advance Ma142 3: 1 Advance Marine Gearbox   gearbox design		China best Brand New Advance Ma142 3: 1 Advance Marine Gearbox   gearbox design
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